Denture Repair -Tips to avoid breaking your denture


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Denture Repair - Avoid Breaking Your Denture

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Tips On How to Avoid Breaking your Denture
Many Denture Mishaps can be avoided by following a few simple rules

Most denture breaks occur when dentures are dropped while they are being cleaned. A good rule of thumb is to fill your sink basin with at least 3 inches of water and hold your denture over the sink while cleaning it. Another method  is to keep a folded towel beneath the area your using to clean your denture. Both these tips will keep the denture from hitting a hard surface if dropped therefore lessening the chance of breaking. While holding your denture, always try to keep a short distance between your denture and the hard surface beneath it so there will be a lesser impact if dropped


Never Squeeze Your Denture
This is probably one of the most common causes of broken lower dentures. Always try holding the denture with your finger tips and not in the palm of your hand. Your more likely to squeeze the denture if it's in your palm resulting in a breakage

Get Your Denture Relined
An improperly fitting denture will increase the likelihood of it splitting for several reasons. It will cause you to handle the denture more therefore increasing the likelihood of dropping it or squeezing it. There are many instances where the denture actually falls or even fly's out of the mouth. Having your denture relined and ensuring a good fit will help avoid a breakage and a potentially very embarrassing situation.
The relining process also helps in strengthening the denture by filling any thin areas.
If you commonly have a problem with breaking your denture ask your dentist to have the dental lab add a reinforcement bar to the denture, it would not be visible but will add some strength.


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How To Avoid
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