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Denture Repair - Cracked, Split, Broken Denture

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  How To Repair Cracked Or Broken Dentures.


Is Crazy Glue, Super Glue ok to use as a temporary fix?
Cyanoacrylate based adhesives weaken in the presence of warm moist environments therefore, will only last temporarily in the mouth.

Most manufactures of these types of adhesives themselves recommend warm water as a way to dissolve an accidentally glued body part.

If you do decide to use a Cyanoacrylate based glue to repair your denture, be sure to "practice fit" the split denture several times before gluing it.

An improperly positioned repair will weaken the suction bond that a properly fitting denture has with your gums. It can also cause sores or cutting of your gum tissue. It is highly recommended that the repair be done by a dental professional. Some areas allow dental labs or denturists to perform these repairs without the need of a Dentist present.

Denture Repair Kits

There are denture repair kits available online and in stores. These kits seem to contain some of the material (resin and monomer) needed to perform a repair. However, repairing a denture is something that takes the proper tools and and an experienced technician. Improperly cured monomer and resin can cause irritation to your gums. It is best to leave these repairs to a professional.
Emergency Denture
Having an emergency "back-up" denture made is the best way to be prepared for the inevitable denture mishap. There will always be the probability that the denture may break or a tooth will fall off or the entire denture can be lost.

Some dental offices offer a "copy denture" that can be done at the time of the original.
It usually cost less than the original and will prove to be a life saver in the event of an emergency. However, if you do have one made don't just put it in storage and forget about it; It should be worn periodically to be assured of a good fit when needed.
Also, It would be a good practice to take it with you when having your primary denture adjusted or relined so you can have the dentist "tune-up" your "back-up"
Check out our site for services that handle low-cost back-up dentures and repairs.


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