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Bad breath can be a very embarrassing social problem.....  
What should you do? How do you deal with it?

Bad Breath: ( Halitosis ) Can be caused by several factors.

 The most benign of which can be the last thing you ate, the most serious cause can be from an internal health issue. Before getting into the causes and cures, Let's cover an issue to be dealt with if you know someone with the problem of bad breath. "The dilemma"     of  whether or not to tell them and how to do it tactfully.s to the question of making your friend aware, It depends on your comfort level with that person and your concern with their well being. I once read that if someone brushed a piece of lint from your clothing it is a sign that they care about you.
If you would use that philosophy as a rule you would have to admit that making a friend aware that they may be unknowingly embarrassing themselves with a foul breath odor is equally a sign of caring. 


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